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One Traditional Catering

Η υπηρεσία Catering του Majestic Weddings & Events θα υπηρετήσει με τον καλύτερο τρόπο το μενού και τη διεκπεραίωση της δεξίωσής σας. Τα πιάτα μας περιλαμβάνουν μοναδικές γαστρονομικές προτάσεις από εξαιρετικής ποιότητας πρώτες ύλες και προσεκτικά επιλεγμένα υλικά, μαγειρεμένα με τη ποιότητα και τη σοφία 45 και πλέον, χρόνων ενασχόλησής μας με το χώρο της εστίασης.

Our Chef

Panagiotis Papakostopoulos is the executive chef and owner of Majestic Weddings & Events Catering. He inharited from his father the love and knowledge of Greek cuisine and unpretentious authentic flavors, while he upgraded his cooking skills to a more modern look at the area of ​​gastronomy. The air of a traditional family business that brought today's menus and dishes to serve even more professionally and zealously your needs at every event and reception.


Τα γευστικά πιάτα μας σερβίρονται από το έμπειρο και εξειδικευμένο προσωπικό μας, που επιμελείται κάθε πτυχή της δεξίωσής σας με στόχο την απόλυτη επιτυχία. 45 και πλέον χρόνια εμπειρίας στη κουζίνα, χιλιάδες ευχαριστημένοι πελάτες, εκατοντάδες επιτυχημένες δεξιώσεις, επιβεβαιώνουν το κύρος και την αξιοπιστία του Majestic Weddings & Events Catering.


Οι υπερσύγχρονες επισιτιστικές μας εγκαταστάσεις βρίσκονται στο Κορωπί, καταλαμβάνοντας περισσότερα από 2000 τ.μ. Ο εξοπλισμός πληροί όλες τις απαιτήσεις υγιεινής και ασφάλειας και ανανεώνεται διαρκώς, με την τεχνολογία αιχμής και την εξέλιξη να είναι διαρκώς παρούσες.

Corporate Events

Corporate meetings, coffee brakes, launch brakes, product presentations, workshops, seminars, press releases.

Offer your partners and customers an unforgettable experience and prove your professional strength by organizing an event, a meal, an event that will prove the prestige of your business. Choose from the best! We undertake day-to-day partnerships for staff and company executives, catering for multi-day conferences and seminars, corporate parties with cocktail and finger food, as well as fixed-term partnerships.


Birthday, engagement, prewedding party, coctail party.

We cook for your house ... We come where we are asked.
There are those who believe that the most successful parties are those made at home. Partly we agree with the people of Majestic Catering Services. If we even contribute to this homemade party, then this will be even better. Come, set up a party that will be unforgettable. Trust us for the buffet, the drinks and the flavor you want to give.we will create together the menu, cocktails and every delicious detail, following your vision.


Γαμήλιο Μενού στο δικό σας χώρο, κεράσματα στον προαύλιο χώρο της εκκλησίας

For the wedding menu we are ready again! If you have already chosen the place you want to make the wedding party, everything is ready and you miss the food, the sweet and the drink, we are here! We can come to your place with the most beautiful menu. Those who are looking for an economic but tasty choice for wedding or baptism, we suggest them the Majestic Catering Services outside the church, only 12 € / person!

Milky Magic Ice Cream

Baptisms, weddings, kids party, openings, kids events, corporate events.

Ice Cream Milky Events & More at the most beautiful events! Friendly and economical but full of frozen sweet flavors, comes to the field of the event to fill you with joy and ice creams. If you like the idea of ​​ice cream, impress yourself and your guests young and old by offering ice cream to cool them in the hot summer days and leaving them to choose among 10 wonderful but loved tastes. The coolest treat ....

A sample of our dishes

Prepared by our Chef with selected ingedients

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