The chapel

Chapel of Saint Polycarpus & the Holy Cross

The multi-purpose facility of Majestic The Roof Garden is a wedding venue in the southern suburbs. Within the venue but in a separate area of the Majestic The Roof Garden Complex, there is the chapel of Saint Polycarpus & the Holy Cross. This space creates countless feelings of joy, happiness and blessing and it is definitely one of the reasons why you would really like to choose the Majestic affiliated Venue Complex and the chapel of Saint Polycarpus & The Holy Cross for your wedding. Our chapel can host your wedding or baptism ceremony at the time of your choice, meaning that neither the guests nor the hosts need to use their car yet again, thus avoiding various delays and inconvenience. 

Have you decided to have your wedding on a chapel within the venue?

Your guests arrive at the venue a little earlier than the time of the ceremony and everyone is looking forward to the arrival of the bride in the churchyard. Immediately after the completion of the wedding ceremony, your guests will enjoy a refreshing Welcome drink in the beautiful exotic space and then with the help of our people will head to the reception area.

Our little chapel and its spacious courtyard will comfortably accommodate all your guests for the wedding or baptism ceremony in a devotional but at the same time cool atmosphere.  


A space of high but also minimal aesthetics and modern luxury, where water is a key element of the decoration, both at the entrance and at the event space. With easy and comfortable access, near the airport and Attiki Odos, the new space of the Majestic Complex, combines the minimal feeling and modern design with the aura of the countryside and the luxury you are looking for for your own special event. Special ramps make the space fully functional for people with disabilities, while at the same time, the space has ample parking (200+ cars), auxiliary room for the couple to freshen up and a highly equipped kitchen for perfect food.

Best wishes from the staff of the Majestic venue!

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