About us

Our Philosophy

Consistency - Tradition - Hospitality

In these 3 values, Majestic the Roof Garden was built, grew up and developed, marking a successful course of more than 45 years.

Consistency in high quality, fresh ingredients, good dishes, delicious food, pleasant and prompt service, the professionalism of our staff.

Tradition to our family values, faith in the vision of our father, Polykarpos and our mother Stavroula, who taught us the cuisine and the good food, respect for tradition with the look on the modern today, our chefs follow the traditional tastes and show them with the most modern look at cooking.

Hospitality means respect for the customer, excellent service to your guests, professionalism and high level of service. For us, your hospitality at the Majestic the Roof Garden, means perfection.

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Live your dream! This is your dream and we are all committed to making this dream a reality !!!

Panagiotis Papakostopoulos

Our Team

Through a dedicated team of highly-experienced collaborators, every event, held at Majestic the Roof Garden, satisfies you and your guests with luxury, elegance and classy atmosphere.


Σταματης Κωβαιος

Executive Chef

Ο πρώην παίκτης του Master Chef, θα βρίσκεται επικεφαλής της κουζίνας μας, για να δώσει μοναδικές γευστικές εμπειρίες στα μενού σας!


Παναγιώτης Παπακωστοπουλοσ

Owner – Executive Chef

Panagiotis Papakostopoulos represents the second generation of the company. Experienced chef, with creative ideas based on family recipes, blends yesterday and today with the most successful way!


Σταυρούλα Παπακωστοπουλου

Sous Chef

Mrs. Stavroula, is the soul of our kitchen! With a deep knowledge of the cooking art and the mixture of ingredients she offers so good food to the customers, that they come back over and over again!


Polikarpos - Stavroula


The founders of the traditional family business, one of the first to open at the borders of Vari Koropiou, they started a historical place that lasted 45 years to reach this day.

Our History


First business

43 years ago, Mr. Polykarpos, coming from Mamoulada in Nafpaktia, opened in the area of ​​Vari, one of the first traditional meat shops. Mr. Polykarpos's business quickly gained a reputation for its good food and its attentive atmosphere, consolidating its presence for decades in the area and the consciousness of thousands of satisfied customers.



Transfer Business to the current location

With the love and support of the people, it was decided to transfer to a privately owned area that Majestic Roof Garden has since established.



First renovation

The most important renovation in the history of Majestic the Roof Garden. Panagiotis Papakostopoulos took over the business where he radically changed it and transformed it into a multi-room banquet. 



Second renovation

After the great success of the business from 2004 until 2009, the company continued its investment in this segment and made a second major renovation and showcase of new spaces and now maintains 3 luxurious reception areas (Grand, Hall, Roof Garden) which can accommodate up to 600 guests.



Namechange to Majestic

The experience of years, tradition, hospitality and love for the cuisine and the good food were inherited by his son, Panagiotis Papakostopoulos, who made a big step in the business of Wedding Receptions and created the Majestic The Roof Garden in 2015. The experience has been inherited to the new generation that has kept the main pillars of quality, service, hospitality and respect for the customer.



One Traditional Catering

We establish our presence in the catering sector with the establishment of a new company aiming at the perfect service of every food need at every event and every reception.


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